Ebony FM World Rabies Day Interview Recap with Dr. Harrison Sadiki and Howard Kombe

About a week ago, Health for Animals and Livelihood Improvement (HALI) Project Field Coordinator Dr. Harrison Sadiki was a guest on the Tanzanian radio station Ebony FM, to discuss World Rabies Day, and the issues surrounding rabies prevention and treatment, both in rural Tanzania and around the Wildlife Management Areas surrounding Ruaha National Park.  HALI team member and Global Livestock CRSP staff member, David Wolking, who is in Iringa working on his master’s thesis with HALI, had the opportunity to interview Dr. Sadiki, as well as HALI Field Technician Howard Kombe, about the Ebony FM broadcast, as well as HALI’s plans for World Rabies Day on September 28th, 2008.

David recorded the interview, and made a podcast for the GL-CRSP, and we’re happy to be able to listen to it on the GL-CRSP website!  Just check out GL-CRSP Podcast Volume 3, Episode 2.

Link to HALI Podcast on the GLCRSP Website


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