HALI Livestock TB Testing Video!

The HALI Project is actively testing livestock for tuberculosis (TB) in pastoral herds in the Idodi and Pawaga Divisions of Iringa District, Tanzania.  Testing livestock for TB allows the HALI Project to better understand the disease burden in livestock in the area, in order to develop appropriate responses to minimize the spread of infectious TB, which has been discovered in wildlife and can also threaten human health.

TB testing for livestock is carried out by the HALI Project’s Field Technician Howard Kombe and his assistant James, and is sometimes assisted by other contracted workers from local villages and the pastoralists themselves.  In September, HALI team member and UC Davis graduate student David Wolking paired up with Howard’s TB testing team for a few weeks, and shot some video and pictures of the team at work.  The resulting short film is a nice demonstration of the guys at work, and we’re happy to share it with you….

Health for Animal and Livelihood Improvement (HALI) Project TB Testing in Idodi


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