HALI researchers traveling to Kenya for GLCRSP Conference

HALI researchers traveling to Kenya to present project findings. (image: www.craftelf.com)

HALI researchers Prof. Rudovick Kazwala (Sokoine University), Prof. Jon Erickson (University of Vermont), Dr. Peter Coppolillo (Wildlife Conservation Society), and David Wolking (HALI Master’s student – UC Davis) are traveling to Kenya for the final conference of the Global Livestock Collaborative Research Support Program from June 16-19th in Naivasha, Kenya.

Key items on the conference agenda will include presentations on findings and lessons learned from GL-CRSP projects over the last eleven years, poster sessions, and panel discussions on multidisciplinary research, project design, community mobilization and zoonotic diseases.

Prof. Kazwala and Erickson will be updating the group on HALIs research findings, while Pete Coppolillo will participate in interactive panel discussions regarding pastoralism, conservation, land-use and disease.  In addition, HALI team members Michel Masozera (PhD candidate – University of Vermont) and Deana Clifford (HALI Project Coordinator – UC Davis Wildlife Health Center) created posters for the conference.

More information can be found at: http://glcrsp.ucdavis.edu/news/?article=105


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