“Risk at the Noxious Nexus of Unintended Consequences:” HALI Project Team Members participate in a panel discussion at the GL-CRSP Conference in Naivasha, Kenya

Drs. Pete Coppolillo and Rudovick Kazwala, and David Wolking of the HALI team participated in a panel discussion on zoonotic disease and risk during the recent Global Livestock CRSP “End of Program Conference: From Problem Models to Solutions,” in Naivasha, Kenya.  The discussion, which also included Dr. George Aning from the University of Ghana, Legon and team member of the GL-CRSP Avian Flu School project, featured discussions on the challenges facing an integrated veterinary and medical response to emerging infectious diseases and zoonoses in developing countries.  The discussion, entitled “Risk at the Noxious Nexus of Unintended Consequences: Livestock, Wildlife, People, Disease, and Development,” will be availabe as a Podcast soon from the GL-CRSP website, and will be linked here for quick reference.

In addition to the panel, HALI project Principle Investigtors Dr. Jon Erickson and Dr. Kazwala gave a presentation on the HALI project approach, as well as an update on project findings and practical implications.  The presentation slides, including audio, will be featured as a “Slidecast” in early July, and will also be linked here for reference.


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