HALI team member Michel Masozera featured in an upcoming Vermont Public Television “Emerging Science” program!

HALI project Principal Investigator Jon Erickson of the University of Vermont and HALI team member Michel Masozera of the Wildlife Conservation Society will be featured in a Vermont Public Television (VPT) program entitled “Disease Transmission” on the series Emerging Science February 23rd.  Other HALI team members (Jonna Mazet, Deana Clifford, Harrison Sadiki, and Rudovick Kazwala) will be included in the program as well, discussing the water limited Ruaha Landscape in Tanzania and the complex relationships between natural resources, land use patterns and disease transmission.

More information about the Disease Transmission episode can be found at the Emerging Science website.

In the mean time, enjoy this clip featuring Dr. Masozera posted to the VPT YouTube channel:

We’ll keep you posted on the details of the program, but please visit Emerging Science for the most up to date information…

The HALI team would also like to congratulate Dr. Masozera on the recent completion of his doctoral program through the Gund Institute of the University of Vermont.  Congratulations Michel!


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