HALI Team Raises Awareness about Zoonotic Disease in Tanzania

On May 21st, the HALI project team led by Field Coordinator Dr. Harrison Sadiki conducted the last of a series of outreach events targeting villages bordering protected areas of Ruaha National Park. The outreach events, funded by the US Fish and Widlife Service Wildlife Without Borders program, have been promoting greater community awareness of the One Health concept, linking animal and human health.

Mahuninga children gather as the HALI team sets up for their presentations on zoonotic disease and health (Photo by Misty Richmond).

During the event, HALI team members Dr. Sadiki and Salehe Muhiddin led a discussion on zoonotic diseases of interest to the community, including tuberculosis, brucella, rabies, and waterborne diseases, which have been identified in the ecosystem by HALI research. Following the discussion, the team projected a series of educational videos on rabies, and wildlife in the Ruaha ecosystem. The event was attended by approximately 450 village residents, the vast majority children from the Mahuninga primary school.


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