HALI welcomes the PREDICT project to Tanzania!

PREDICT, a new project of the USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats program, was launched successfully in several African countries and Southeast Asia in early May.

PREDICT will expand HALI wildlife disease surveillance activiities in Tanzania.

Jonna Mazet, Director of PREDICT (Lead Principal Investigator of the HALI Project), and David Wolking (former HALI graduate student and current PREDICT Regional Coordinator for East Africa) have been working with the HALI project team in Tanzania to expand current HALI wildlife disease sampling efforts in the Ruaha Ecosystem to the national level.  PREDICT will be working globally to “build an early warning system to detect diseases that move between wildlife and people.”

HALI is proud to announce that our project coordinator, Dr. Harrison Sadiki will be leading the PREDICT project in Tanzania as Country Coordinator.  Professor Rudovick Kazwala, Lead Principal Investigator for HALI in Tanzania will also be leading the PREDICT project in-country.

In East Africa, PREDICT will be active in Tanzania, Rwanda, and Uganda.  The entire HALI team is very excited that all three PREDICT East Africa Country Coordinators are Envirovet Summer Institute graduates! PREDICT Rwanda will be led by Dr. Julius Nziza, and PREDICT Ugdana will be led by Dr. Benard Ssebide.

This summer, several PREDICT team members including Director Jonna Mazet, travelled to Argentina to meet with all the Latin American Country Coordinators, two of whom are also Envirovet grads, to launch the implementation of capacity assessment, training, and surveillance tools for emerging pandemic diseases.  This meeting coincided with the meeting of the Wildlife Disease Association at Puerto Iguazú.

Click here to view or download the PREDICT project Overview (PREDICT_two-pager[1])

Click here to view or download the Emerging Pandemic Threats program Overview (Emerging Pandemic Threat Program Overview _2_)


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