Join HALI team members at the CUGH 2010 Meeting in Seattle!

HALI team members Dr. Jonna Mazet, Professor Rudovick Kazwala, and Dr. Deana Clifford will be speaking and presenting at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH) 2010 Meeting in Seattle, Washington.  The Second Annual CUGH Meeting Transforming Global Health: The Interdisciplinary Power of Universities will run from September 19-21 at the University of Washington.

On Tuesday September 21st, Dr. Mazet will present on “Using a One Health approach to Identify Potentially Pandemic Pathogens of Zoonotic Origin”, and Professor Kazwala will present on “One Health: Detection and Control of Emerging and Endemic Zoonotic Pathogens.”  Dr. Clifford will present a poster entitled “Translating One Health Research into Educational Programs for Detection of Emerging Zoonotic Pathogens.”

Congrats HALI team and good luck!


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