HALI Project receives new grant to expand livestock research

A livestock drug dispensary in Morogoro bordered by clothing and phone shops.

When HALI team members saw an announcement for seed grants from Colorado State University’s “Adapting Livestock Systems to Climate Change” Collaborative Research Support Program (CRSP), they knew it was a great opportunity to continue livestock health projects with pastoralists living near Ruaha National Park. The seed grant recipients were recently announced, and HALI will join 8 other collaborative groups working in Africa and central Asia to study the effects of climate change on livestock systems. Congrats HALI team members!

HALI is excited to extend current research and capacity building efforts under this new award, which will allow us to build an international modeling team to examine impacts of climate change on animal health and human livelihoods. Drawing on the strengths of HALI partners from Sokoine University of Agriculture, University of Vermont, University of California, Davis, and Colorado State University, HALI modelers will integrate information on climate, habitat, water flow, and livestock and human populations to understand how Ruaha’s livestock systems are adapting to a changing world.

The seed grant will also provide funding to assess the livestock health services available to Ruaha pastoralists. For livestock producers in rural areas, where the health and livelihoods of people are intertwined with the health of their animals, access to medicine and veterinarians or other health professionals can be extremely limited. HALI will work closely with pastoralist partners to identify and address current gaps in these services. We hope new HALI programs will help to ensure a healthy future for people and animals sharing the Ruaha ecosystem.


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