Moving Day!

The HALI team is busy this week moving our project headquarters in Iringa, Tanzania from the Regional Administrative Center (RAC) in town, to a private house off the A 104.  Land Rovers full of office chairs, desks, and project supplies (including our freezer full of wildlife samples) should be circling the downtown Iringa round-a-bout at Uhuru Monument all day today, as our drivers Erasto and Amani take turns loading and hauling.

While our space at the RAC was very nice and secure, it was just too small to meet the growing needs of HALI in the Southern Highlands.  With the PREDICT project team, and a new team from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) project arriving in town soon, we  needed a place that could provide ample meeting room, office and workspace, and also house our project equipment like liquid nitrogen dewars, freezers, generators, and field supplies.

Our new Iringa headquarters will be a private residence roughly a ten minute walk from the Iringa Sokoni (central marketplace), Uhuru Monument, and Neema Craft, and will finally provide HALI with the facilities needed for project planning and operations.  So, if you are ever in Iringa, come visit the HALI team at the new headquarters (we’re just a stone’s throw from the Hasty Tasty!)…

View HALI Project Iringa Headquarters in a larger map


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