News from the North!

HALI team members travel to the Tanzania Veterinary Association (TVA) Conference: an update from Goodluck and Zikankuba

Goodluck and Zikankuba at the TVA conference

The TVA & Tanzania Society for Animal Production (TSAP) joint scientific conference normally occurs every 2 years, though each association gathers yearly to address issues pertaining to their professionals. This year, the TVA-TSAP joint scientific conference was held for three days (January 18th-21st) at Olasiti garden in Arusha, Tanzania. The conference was opened by the guest of honour, Benedict Olonango (Deputy Minister from the Ministry of Livestock Development and Fisheries).

Participants of this conference were from private, government, and non-governmental organizations/ institutions inside and outside the country. HALI project participants were Goodluck Paul, the NIH TB Project Livestock Field Coordinator, and Zikankuba Sijali, the PREDICT Assistant Country Coordinator. In the conference, many scientific papers about domestic, wild animals and their products were presented from the members of the two associations. We learned exciting information about fruit bat behavior and disease, parasites in chimpanzees, and the influence of climate change on disease emergence that we will apply to our on-going HALI projects. We also had the chance to meet different professionals from different parts of the country. We described our project to them; many of them were interested and pledged to offer cooperation. We thank the HALI project for enabling us to attend this scientific conference.

Learning about current animal health research in Tanzania is extremely important for our work. The HALI team thanks Goodluck and Zikankuba for representing HALI at the conference and for giving us insight into wildlife and domestic animal research throughout the country!


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