HALI in the news!

Mainstream media has been very interested in the concept of One Health lately. Whether due to improved awareness of the interconnection of environmental, animal, and human health, or due to films like Contagion, all press is good press when it leads to knowledge and interest in integrated ecological health.  We keep a pretty active Facebook and Twitter presence with HALI, and tend to feature all project news and updates through social media, reserving this blog for more in depth project updates and news.  Two recent articles however, deserve some blog attention.

First, the New Agriculturalist ran a series of articles focused on livestock disease this November, including a nice story on HALI.  For a great overview of HALI’s many tentacles in research and development, please check out the NewAg piece “Addressing Zoonotic Disease and Livelihoods in Tanzania.”

Second, HALI Principal Investigator Jonna Mazet was recently featured by the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) in the Veterinary Spotlight. The article The Virus Hunters – Tracking Down the Next HIV describes Jonna’s role with the PREDICT project, and how PREDICT is using One Health strategies to detect emerging pathogens and prevent global pandemics.

Finally, just for fun, watch the Contagion trailer again (or for the first time). I promise, not all bloggers are like Jude Law…


One thought on “HALI in the news!

  1. Congratulations HALI for being there for the healthy of every creature, thanks Dj for the trailer, thats just a single sip of nice coffee cup which triggered our thirsty center i will find that move then.

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