Adapting to climate change in eastern and southern Africa

In eastern and southern Africa, livelihoods are heavily dependent on agriculture and the natural resource base for subsistence.  These livelihoods are under threat from the uncertainty of a changing climate, and research organizations like the IUCN and HALI are leading projects to better understand how climate change will impact ecosystems, biodiversity, economies and livelihoods through activities like the Climate Change and Development Project.

In partnership with the Livestock – Climate Change CRSP, HALI is building on a year’s worth of research focused on the capacity of livestock systems to respond to health threats posed by climate variability, and is working towards better understanding microclimates, adaptation strategies, and human health and nutrition in the Ruaha ecosystem of Tanzania.  Led by our Staff Scientists and Post-doctoral researchers Liz VanWormer and Chris Gustafson of UC Davis, activities are just now getting underway as the team plans visits and assessments to villages in the Idodi and Pawaga wards, Iringa District.

We will be featuring some research briefings from the HALI CRSP team on their livestock capacity assessment project soon, and will also feature updates on new activities at local primary schools, pastoralist villages, and livestock extension centers as they get underway.


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