Photo of the week

Photo by Misty Richmond

A day in the life: two Maasai women return from the creek with water for the morning's washing and cooking. (Photo by Misty Richmond)

How far do you walk for water each day?  Does your distance to water impact how much you use?

On the morning this photo was taken, HALI’s fabulous photographer Misty Richmond went with her new friends to participate in the morning chores.  After a half hour hike through the forest with the goats, sheep, and calves, they arrived at the creek, filled the buckets and headed home. They let Misty carry a bucket, for a little while, until they realized there would be no water left. Water quantity as well as quality are important for health, and access to water close by is associated with sanitation and hygiene – water for drinking, cooking, and washing.  So, the next time the faucet is running in your house, think of how many buckets you’re filling, and how you will manage to balance them on your head.


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