A tribute to Mr. Ally Kitime – friend and scientist

Mr. Ally Kitime, our friend and scientist.

With sad hearts and fond memories, HALI said goodbye to longtime project friend and colleague Ally Kitime this month.  Ally was a part of HALI from the beginning, as the Sokoine University of Agriculture Faculty of Veterinary Medicine’s Laboratory Manager and Principle Technician. His kind smile, gentle demeanor, and dedication to his work is best exemplified by the publications he enabled and those he helped graduate and train. Many of us on the HALI team, Harrison Sadiki, Deana Clifford, Woutrina Miller, Khadijah Said, Julius John, Enos Kamani, Annette Kitambi, Annette Roug, Liz VanWormer, and myself all learned from Ally, from his vast experience in the realm of laboratory diagnostics, and from his demeanor: no matter how stressful the project or intense the meeting there was always time for a smile, for a habari, and to remember that relationships and family trump an agenda.

I first met Ally when working on my masters project in Tanzania as a UC Davis student in 2008.  I will always find it ironic that my first laboratory experience was in Africa, and my first laboratory instructor Ally with help from friend and then HALI coordinator Deana Clifford.  Ally, Deana, and I were working with a young Bachelor’s honor student Enos Kamani on a project to determine the prevalence of Cryptosporidium and Giardia in calves in pastoralist herds.  Enos and I were training on the diagnostic technique, using an immuno-fluorescence microscope.  From that time, to the present, when my relationship with Ally was no longer face to face, but voice to voice on weekly Skype meetings with the PREDICT project, Ally was a trusted and respected colleague, a happy man in a white coat whose legacy lives on in the work of the students and collaborators he touched and in the lives of the family he leaves behind.  God bless you Ally, safari njema bwana…

We will preserve this post on the HALI blog as a remembrance  page for Ally.  Please click this link to visit the Tribute Page.  Comments and memories of your experiences with Ally are most welcome, so feel free to add them as comments.  If you would like to share pictures, please contact me (djwolk@gmail.com), and I will incorporated them into this post as a slideshow.


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