New Voices on the HALI blog!

TB Project Field Coordinator, Goodluck Paul, gets a closer look at a Maasai milk storage gourd.

Have you been wondering what’s happening with the HALI team? Are all of the staff members on a Zanzibar beach vacation? Has research at the human-animal-environment interface been forgotten?

Of course not! Though the beach does sound appealing, we’ve been busy working within and beyond the Ruaha ecosystem. HALI team members have been exploring primate capture and sampling techniques, collecting environmental and livestock specimens to search for TB, and learning how to assess the nutrition of women and children in pastoralist communities. Our posts have been delayed for a bit, but the HALI blog is back in action! We’ve taken the time to reconsider our approach to sharing stories, thoughts, and research updates. We have a wonderful and expanding team of Tanzanian researchers engaged in exciting One Health investigations, and from this point forward, you’ll be hearing their diverse perspectives. The fun starts tomorrow when we’ll be welcoming Dr. Goodluck Paul to the blog stage! Stay tuned for his insights on zoonotic TB and collaborations in the field.

While you’re waiting for tomorrow’s post, stop by our facebook page to see the latest photos from the field and learn the Swahili word of the week!


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